Interior Design at Virginia Tech is a program in the School of Architecture + Design (A+D). There are four programs within the school: Interior Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Industrial Design.

The interior design program at Virginia Tech guides students to create a better world. The program grounds students in Practical Wisdom -- learning by doing -- and seeks to provide them with the knowledge and ability to think rigorously and design well. Through an emphasis on environmental responsibility, the interior design program at Virginia Tech prepares students to be able to make immediate contributions to the profession and society. Students experience cross-disciplinary interaction with the other programs in the School of Architecture + Design and are grounded in a tradition of iteration and making. We provide connections to industry and the profession with leadership opportunities for the students. The overlap of theory, research, and practical knowledge culminates in a student’s skillful, thoughtful, and creative approach to design. Students collaborate and teach one another in fulfillment of the University’s pledge of service, Ut Prosim.



1. Provide interdisciplinary opportunities for students.

2. Center the curriculum around environmental responsibility.

3. Use input from professionals and industry to have a relevant and forward thinking program.

4. Provide opportunities for students to contribute to the community.

5. Provide the structure for students to teach one another and collaborate.

6. Include opportunities for iteration and making at all levels.


Our school, A+D, is in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies.

This Interior Design website is intended as a way to publicize the day-to-day activities in our program. For more technical information about courses, admissions, tuition and all other university related topics try the following links:

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