Kate Mazza wins 1st Place in CAUS Student Photography Competition

Our second year student Kate Mazza wins first place in the first annual beCAUS Student Photography Competition. The competition was sponsored by both Virginia Tech and the College of Architecture and Urban Studies to promote the University's mission toward Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

"A beautiful submission ... which Kate captioned: 'If we are to achieve a richer culture...we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.' -Margaret Mead."



Working Fast and Furiously

Students in the Mark Boone Sponsored Studio are working toward the finish of their Multi-Generational Family Home project. Mark was in town last week to offer his experience and enthusiasm at a critical point in the design process. The projects are now due on May 3 at 5pm. Check in later for samples from the finished projects.

Project Assignment: Re-imagine the average new 2,500 square foot single family home built in the US today as a home designed for multiple generations. The clients for this project are four generations of a family. Mom, Dad, college aged son, and high school aged daughter occupy about 1,350 square feet in a 3-bedroom 2.5 bath main space. A Grandmother's suite has about 350 square feet. And the parents oldest daughter, her husband and 6-month old child have a 800 square feet apartment. These three distinct dwellings are organized around a private courtyard on a 40 foot by 90 foot rowhouse building lot.

The idea of this housing strategy is that design and construction quality can be greatly enhanced with the added design and construction cost offset by savings from car sharing, utility cost savings, insurance savings, baby sitting savings and on and on and on.



Source One Design Competition Winner

Amrita Raja, a senior, is the Grand Prize Winner of the Source One Design Competition for Hospitality. This is the second year in a row that one of our Virginia Tech students has been recognized in this competition. Lauren Shaw, a junior, was an Award of Merit winner last year.

"My mother loved to sew, and when I was little I remember going to fabric stores, running around, my fingers grazing the rolls of velvets, silks and satins that lined the aisles. My favorite patterns, even at that age, were the damasks. In this wallcovering, I wanted to update the classic pattern; the modern twist is not just the newer, brighter color scheme, but the method of generating the pattern. Traditional damasks are based on floral and fauna inspired themes. Like the Victorians fascinated by the expanse of natural landscape, I believe today’s society has been enthralled with the thought of communication across thousands of miles made possible by technology. For this reason, I used words to generate the imagery in this wallcovering: morphed and reshaped to create the complex lines that form the damask pattern, a technique that depicts the endless visual potential within the writing of words."



House of the Future


Five members of the Dedicated Lighting Studio have been working to conceptualize "The House of the Future" in conjunction with faculty members Lisa Tucker and Greg Tew as a part of an ICTAS grant for a sustainable building initiative project.