November 05: Blue Crump

Blue Crump, the Principal at Urban Grid Solar, will speak as part of the IDEAS lecture series this Friday at noon.  Urban Grid is a company based in Richmond and Annapolis that specializes in renewable energy.  This is an area that is becoming increasingly important for designers, so we hope to see you this Friday to learn more about Urban Grid's alternatives to non-renewable energy sources.


October 29: Melissa Marsh

IDEAS will welcome Melissa Marsh from Mancini Duffy this Friday at noon.  She will be speaking as part of the IDEAS lecture series, and will talk about her work at Mancini Duffy - an internationally recognized firm with a sleek and contemporary style.  To see more work by Mancini Duffy visit their website, and we hope you see you at IDEAS on Friday!


October 22: Elizabeth Thomason

Elizabeth Thomason from Armstrong will be visiting us this Friday as a guest lecturer in our IDEAS lecture series.  Armstrong is an industry leader in both residential and commercial flooring, ceilings, and cabinetry.  We hope you'll make it out this Friday at noon to learn more about Armstrong!


Reinventing Godiva

Lisa's studio has recently finished designing a small Godiva store.  They were challenged to create a new chocolate experience, and each student had a different approach in revamping the Godiva image.

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