Alumni, Amy Moses, featured on VTNews

Amy Moses caught the attention of the Virginia Tech news staff with her presentation to the interior design student organization, IDEAS. Amy is just one of our many graduates that find themselves in very interesting jobs immediately after graduation. Follow the link to VTNews. Nice work Amy, we are proud of you.


Brad Whitney wins IDEC award for Creative Scholarship

Professor Brad Whitney's sculpture "Meditations on the Ball Dairy Farm" won Merit of Distinction for Creative Scholarship in the Visual Art category at the IDEC 2009 Annual Conference in St. Louis.


Odegard Rug Design Competition Winner: Laura Valentine

Laura Valentine won First Place in the Odegard Rug Design Competition. Along with a $2,500 cash prize and the trophy she is holding in the photo above, Odegard paid to fly Laura to New York City and provided a room at the Waldorf Astoria. Even better, they produced a 6'x9' rug from Laura's design as the ultimate prize for winning the competition.

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Dedicated Lighting Studio

Students participated in the NEWH Competition as a first project in the Lighting Studio for the Spring of 2009. Below are some sample images by the students from their projects. The studio was made possible through a grant fromt he Nuckolls Foundation and is being taught by Lisa Tucker.